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01. About Us

What is EMenu?

EMenu (also known as Simple Online Store or WhatsApp Commerce) is a brand new concept of Online Store. This system is mainly to facilitate customers to place orders online & help merchants to manage orders more easily. From customer order to delivery. We all offer a range of services and features.

In addition, the difference between EMenu and the general Online Store is that the merchant can set up the whole system with only one mobile phone. No need to worry about complicated operations at all.

02. Features​

EMenu's Marketing

emenu can create discount coupon

Discount Coupon

Creating Discount Coupons can attract more Potential customers. At the same time, it can effectively increase the business performance.

emenu suppot discount features

Promotion Dialog

Customers can instancely see the current promotions and latest information of the merchants in the E-Menu.

Mobile Marketing-pana

Social Media Marketing

Merchants can share and publish E-Menu to different social media. This can increase more potential customers.


Qr Code Generator

QR code easily customers to visit merchant's E-Menu immediately after scanning.

EMenu supports multi-language


Support multiple languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Malay. Absolutely diversify your business.

emenu multisalesagent icon-26

Multi Sales Agent

E-Menu can now have multiple sales agents, which can effectively improve & promote the company to more potential customers.


Built-in SEO

It helps to improve Google ranking and customer will be more easier to search your product while they enter specific keywords.

EMenu's Order Processing

emenu support secure payment

Various Payment Method

E-Menu Supports various kind of payment method such as FPX, E-Wallet, Debit /Credit Card, Bank Transfer so on...


Instant Order Notifcation

Merchant will immediately receive WhatsApp & App notification when there is a new order.


Order Status Update

Merchant can keep their customers updated with their order status from order place until complete.

emenu can support order grouping

Order Grouping

Merchants can assign different orders to some specified groups. Hence, merchant can see the statistics of each product from the group. This can effectively help merchants prepare orders.


Flexible Shipping Setting

Merchants can calculate the postage for each order based on Postcode, Distance and so on..

EMenu Print Receipt Features

Invoicing & Printing

E-Menu supports automatic receipt generation & printing function, merchants can directly connect printers and print receipts directly.

Product Management

emenu supports product variants

Product Add-ons and Variants

The product can be set to option like S, M, L or add-on item such as rice, egg and so on.

emenu support inventory control

Stock Control

Accurately record the quantity and inventory of all products. Make it easy for you to arrange replenishment & not easy to oversell.

emenu support product category

Product Category

Allocate different products to different product categories. Easily for customers to purchase & reference.

EMenu Lalamove Integration

Lalamove Integration

With just a few buttons, merchants can easily assign orders from E-Menu directly to Lalamove. It's really simple and convenient!


EasyParcel Integration

Merchant can create & send their delivery order easily to courier service via EasyParcel. No more typing just few clicks needed!

03. Pricing Package

E-Menu Plans

Year End Offer! Get a Min 30% Discount for any Annual plans 0f E-Menu. Get Started today! Offer only valid until end of May 2022.

Basic Plan

RM 270 per year
  • 12 Months Subscription
  • Up To 300 Products
  • Fpay Payment Gateway
  • Discount Coupon
  • Unlimited Product Category
  • Traffic Report
  • Web & Mobile Backend
  • Video Tutorial Provided
  • Technical Supports
  • Lalamove Delivery Support
10% off

Premium Plan

RM 360 per year
  • 12 Months Subscription
  • Up To 500 Products
  • iPay88 Payment Gateway
  • Up to 3 Sales Agent
  • EasyParcel
  • Fpay Payment Gateway
  • Discount Coupon
  • Unlimited Product Category
  • Traffic Report
  • Web & Mobile Backend
  • Video Tutorial Provided
  • Technical Supports
  • Lalamove Delivery Support
10% off

Advanced Plan

RM 540 per year
  • Domain
  • Google Search Console
  • 12 Months Subscription
  • Up To 800 Products
  • Unlimited Sales Agent
  • EasyParcel
  • iPay88 Payment Gateway
  • Fpay Payment Gateway
  • Discount Coupon
  • Unlimited Product Category
  • Traffic Report
  • Web & Mobile Backend
  • Video Tutorial Provided
  • Technical Supports
  • Lalamove Delivery Support
10% OFF

04. Subscribe

Subscribe EMenu Now

Manage your customer, order, and product on your desktop or mobile devices (Android & iOS) easily with only a few taps!

EMenu Partner


E-Menu is a simple and new concept of E-Commerce platform for you and your customer. Customers can use the application to submit food/product orders autonomously. This allows businesses to manage orders easily and reduces customer wait times.


EXCEPT customer using FPay payment gateway:-

*BELOW RM 60 will charge RM1.50;

*OVER RM 60 will charge 2.5%

for each transaction.

Other payment gateway like manual bank transfer or E-wallet is free of charge.

NO NEED. Customer just need click the link to enter E-Menu. While application need to download for merchant use.

YES. Just need to add the needed cost according to the other package you want when upgrading. 

Each E-Menu support ONLY ONE WhatsApp number.

If need add more number, merchants can download E-Menu in other device, and add another number for it. So every merchant can get the notice from E-Menu.

Any doubt you can WhatsApp us, Click the WhatsApp button below to contact us.


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